Thursday, June 09, 2005

Keeping It All In

She hides in a corner, behind the cobwebbed shadows
Huddled into a ball, she lets her head bow
Her throat swells into a lump, her nose drips,
Tears run down her face and salt tastes on her lips.
They fall upon her skirt, leaving a depressed shade,
Light around the water marks, dark wear they've laid.

Her lungs fight her heaving, as she tries to take air in,
But all she can manage are more tears falling on her skin.
Her heart races from the effort, making her tired and weak.
She tightens her hands into fists, pressing them against her cheeks.
Her sorrow flows out her eyes, but the pain is still inside
She can't fight her loss or tears, she can't fight the sadness
No matter how hard she tries.

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