Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Life of a Techie

Caller- I'm having problems connecting with my vpn. I was connected but now I'm not.
Me- Ok, what's the error you're getting?
Caller- Shoot, I don't remember but it's after it starts trying to connect... hold on I'll try to find it again.
Me- Is it secure connection lost, remote host not responding...?
Caller- Remote host! That's it.
Me- Do you have a firewall on?
Caller- No, I just rebooted there's no firewall.
Me- If you just rebooted the firewall probably re-enabled.
Caller- Really? Oh... how do I find it... wait yes there it is!
Me- Ok go ahead and disable that.
Caller- Ok now what?
Me- Try and connect again.
Caller- It says unable to find the ip, switching to back-up...
Me- Can you get to google for me?
Caller- No I don't have any kind of connection, I lost all of it.
Me- You kind of need internet for VPN to work.
Caller- Really?
Me- Really. *pounds face against keyboard*

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